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170 Extreme Performance Full Synthetic Oil 75W-140. For use in Harley-Davidson V-Twin transmissions and high performance differentials. Can be used in heavy-duty or high performance transmissions, aftermarket 5-speed and 6-speed separate motorcycle transmissions and final drives, including standard and limited-slip differentials and shaft drive transmissions requiring the use of an hypoid type ... Dana 60 u-joint / kingpin steerable axle; Dana 60 rigid axle; GM corporate 14 bolt; Ford Sterling 10.25" / 10.5" rigid axle; With a modular approach in mind, the four bolt-on kits that are currently offered share the same portal box and brake, the adapater knuckle being unique to each axle.

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We also offer the choice of two locking differentials. Note: After installation re-fill to factory oil capacity, See owner's manual for capacity. 99 Choose Options Dana 30 Front Axle Shafts and Kits Dana 44 GM Axles and Axle Kits Dana 44 Jeep Axles and Axle Kits Dana 44 Ford Axles and Axle Kits 10bolt GM 8. Here are the tools I used: 1.
Install a set of heavier-duty axles. In the example, the truck's pair of Dana 44 axles limits the its load capacity to 7,000 lbs. Replacing them with a set of stronger Dana 60 axles (rated at 5,500 lbs. apiece) will bring the axle rating up to 11,000 lbs. Dana Gas, the Middle East’s first and largest regional private sector Natural gas Company has announced its latest gas discovery in the Nile Delta, Egypt. The South Abu El Naga-2 well, drilled as an appraisal of the previously announced South Abu El Naga Field in the West El Manzala Concession encountered 16.6 metres of net pay in the Abu Madi formation, thus extending the field.

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Room for the extra oil capacity and the cooling fins. It just looks cool. ... Front Ford Dana 60, 10 bolt Part # 10737 black powder coat $220 also available in cast ...
Off-Road Products Dana 60 JK JL/JT 44/10B Super Kingpin Super Duty (2012+ Now Available!) Dana 30 (Discontinued) *Limited Time Special* D6003FL Knuckles Become a Dealer Fill the rear end with gear oil using the provided fill hole on the TA Rear Cover. Most rear ends take 2 Qts. • On GM & Ford Produced rears, fill with oil until oil runs out the factory fill location on the side of the housing. • On Dana 60 & 70 fill with 2.5 quarts of fluid.

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The Dana/Spicer Model 70 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation and has been used in OEM heavy duty applications by Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford.It can be identified by its straight axle tubes, 10 bolt asymmetrical cover, and a "70" cast in to the housing and is visually similar to the Dana 60.
Increased oil capacity; Fill and Drain plug for easy maintenance; Recessed bolts; Rust-proof metal; Wide selection; Details: Dana Model 60, 61 and 70, Nitro Red X-Treme Aluminum, Increased-Capacity, Diff Cover; Differential: Dana Model 60, Dana 61, and Dana 70; Material: Die Cast Aluminum; Differential Bolts: 10 (Included) Manufacturer: Nitro ... The amount of transmission oil you need to insert into the 2000 Ranger depends on the conditions listed below. in the garage to make future searches easy. Manual transmission oil replacement for the 2000 Ford Ranger can be made on the driveway. The whole job will take about 30-60 minutes and will save you around $100.

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Rear Axle Gear Fluid - Chrysler 9.25, Dana 60, 70, and 80: 80W-90 gear lubricant in normal conditions 75W-140 Synthetic gear lubricant for heavy duty or trailer towing intended uses.
For years, hardcore off-roaders have been modifying their Dana 60™ axles for even better performance. Here at Dana, we’re paying attention. We have incorporated a number of new features into the Ultimate Dana 60™ axle, including chromoly axle shafts, massive new Spicer ® SPL -70 u-joints, and more. Axle: Dana 44 Rear Axle: Capacity: 4.75 / 2.25 Pints Jeep Wrangler TJ Differential Fluid Capacity: Axle: Dana 30 Axle: Capacity: 1.3 Quarts / 1.2 Liters: Fluid Type (ALL LISTED TJ AXLES): 80w-90 or 75w-140 If towing Axles w/ Trac-lok differential must add 4 oz. of limited slip additiv: Axle: Dana 35 Axle: Capacity: 1.8 Quarts / 1.7 Liters: Axle ...

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Some Dana 60 gaskets claim they fit Dana 70 too, as mentioned in the thread above, but if I can skip spending $6-12 plus tax, I may as well, if it's not really needed. The only difference is it might be easier to seal up faster, less curing time before I refill if I just put a thin layer on both sides of the gasket, instead of trying to make a ...
Time to change gear oil, I'm thinking of using either RP Max Gear which has friction modifier in it or Amsoil Severe Gear plus a friction modifier, both in the 75W90 flavor. Right now I am running Mobil1 75W90 plus 4oz of the Mopar friction modifier. I will also use which ever I go with in the front Dana 60 as well. Got a new TF diff cover for my front dana 30. Most of what I read said capacity should be around 1.3-1.5 qts. The fill hole on the new cover matches with the old so I filled up until fluid started coming out, but that only took right at 1 quart.

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*Rear Differential Oil Capacity-Dana 80 (Conventional/ Truetrac diff) 8.5 pt-Dana 80 (Trac Loc) 8.0 pt-Dana S135 24.5 pt-Ford 10.50-Inch Ring Gear 7.0 pt-Friction Modifer 8.0 oz *Rear Differential Fluid Type *Ford 10.50 Inch Ring Gear -SAE 75W140 High Proformance Rear Axle Lubricant-Additive Friction Modifier C8AZ-19B546-A *Dana 80 Axle
Dana® Ultimate 60 Axles for JK Jeeps. For more than a century, Dana® axles have set the standard for axle dependability, strength, and performance for OEM vehicle manufacturers. Now, to meet a growing consumer demand for Dana quality axles and gearing, Novak offers genuine front and rear Ultimate Dana 60. DANA Lubricants Factory in UAE – Leading Lubricants Factory in UAE Established in 2001 and exporting it’s Products to more than 60 countries Worldwide. Manufacturer of Lubricants, Lubricant Oil , Engine Oil & Grease for Automotive,Industrial and Marine Applications.

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3 Speed Dana powershift transmission & Dana axles ... Rated Lift Capacity @ Maximum Reach 1,000 lbs (454 kg) ... (cold start engine oil, 60/40

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Each cover is designed to cool down the gear oil with its increased fluid capacity. It is equipped with built-in fill and drain plug for effortless maintenance. G2 Axle & Gear Hammer differential cover is custom-sized to a specific application to replace directly your stock diff cover.
OIL SEAL (OUTBOARD) UNIT BEARING OIL SEAL (INBOARD) BEARING RETAINER 10tg-8S Figure 83 Start nuts on backing plate bolts by hand. Use a speed wrench as shown and tighten to approxi- mately 15 (20 N,m). The units should be tightened in a manner that assures that the seal and cup rib ring are drawn evenly against the cup in the housing. Figure 84